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Health Care Feedback System

Health Care Feedback System implemented across various hospitals in the US helps health systems gain valuable feedback from their patients. Approved family members are sent an Email or an SMS link to a brief survey that checks on patient wellbeing and service experience.​Built-in alerts notify staff of urgent issues on a real-time basis. This practice facilitates timely complaint resolution, which is the key to loyalty. Monthly/quarterly/yearly reports are pushed to directors to simplify performance reviews and facilitate precision coaching. Gratitude reports relay compliments and boost staff morale.

"The system helped me keep a close eye on physician performance. We saw an increase in satisfaction scores both globally and with specific individuals that needed insight on how they might improve. Also, the setup was quick, and the team was always helpful."
Mark Pearlmutter MD
Steward Health Care System
"Through efficient, cost effective, non-intrusive messaging, patients were able to let us know about any post-visit issues which allowed us to focus our resources on those patients who needed further guidance to mitigate complications or frustrations. Patients love knowing that we are still thinking of them even after we have left the bedside."
Brett Wilson MD
Cottage Health

Smart Fleet Analytics

Smart Fleet Analytics Utilized PowerBI visualization capabilities to provide top management of one of the largest public sector firm in shipbuilding and repairs in India with real-time updates on production, repairs, and inventory turnovers by seamlessly connecting data from different sources to ensure business resilience and market competitiveness. 

“Thank you so much for the excellent support provided in designing dashboards using the smart and innovative PowerBI Software”

Financial Analytics

Financial Analytics Integrated Power BI dashboards into daily workflows at a reputed US bank as part of a digital banking strategy designed to help deliver better customer experiences while streamlining back office and branch operations. Power BI implementation enabled to automate business processes and use data visualization tools and dashboards for better insights which optimized the delivery of financial services to its customers.

“With PowerBI, we can very quickly connect to a wide range of data sources with very little effort. Kudos to all team member’s great job in creating informative dashboards”

Smart Project Management

Smart Project Management created role-based performance dashboards and enabled the seamless integration of various modules within their existing system to ensure data quality and reliability. This provided real-time insights into the performance of projects for different clients.

Feeder Management Tool Enhancement was implemented in more than 600 ships for ship logistics, port information, cargo management etc.

The product enhancement was carried out using latest technologies – Agile methodology of project management – using Azure Devops –  for project management and deployment. Customers include Feeder Owners, port Agents, Ship captains & Ship crew

“Perseverance which was Reliable scoring full Accuracy “

CRM development and enhancement

CRM development and enhancement was initially started for a regional player in Telecom based in one of the states in Australia. We had developed and implemented various modules to help various departments to move away from manual tasks to digital platform.

Implementing this CRM enhanced the overall efficiency, improved customer contact management, made the conflict management system more efficient, improved sales and order management and helped improve the sales and marketing strategies.

When the Company was acquired by the second largest company in Australia, team was chosen to continue the migrations and enhancements.

“Absolute legends!!! Thanks for putting in that extra mile”
“Appreciate the outstanding work, commitment and dedication shown by each member of the team”
“Hats off to the team for their commitment to client success”

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