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Transform your customer Interactions with ConnectCarePro


ConnectCarePro Contact Center, a comprehensive solution designed to provide a connected digital experience across multiple channels and timeframes. It enables you to deliver contextual, continuous, and capability-rich journeys for your customers. With its easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use features, CONNECTCAREPRO supports powerful agent-based services and integrated self-service applications.


Skill-Based Routing
Assign multiple skills of different proficiency levels to each agent, ensuring each contact is delivered to the right agent the first time.
Centralized Routing Engine
Route all types of interactions, including voice and digital channels, through a centralized system.
Multi-Channel Support
Agents can handle multiple channels simultaneously, with a configured concurrent maximum limit for each channel.
Flexible Call Treatment
Customize call treatment while customers wait in the queue, including promotional messages tailored for each queue.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Integration
Allow customers to return to IVR or request a call back while waiting in the queue.
Configurable Working Hours
Set flexible working hours based on the day of the week and special occasions.
Agent Greeting Customization
Each agent can record a personalized greeting message for each queue, including digital channels.
Supervisor Control
Supervisors have full monitoring and controlling capabilities, including state change, silent monitoring, whisper, and barge-in.
Post Call Surveys
Configure post-call surveys for each queue, including digital channels, to gather valuable customer feedback.
Built-in WebRTC Phone
Enable agents to make video calls with customers using the built-in WebRTC phone..
SIP-Based PBX Integration
Seamlessly integrate with any telephony or PSTN system via SIP trunks.
Real-Time Monitoring
Get a live view of all configured phones and trunks with real-time status updates.
Role-Based Access Control
Admin users can configure custom access roles with different levels of access for each administrative activity.
Highly Customizable Reports and Dashboards
Gain insights into contact centre performance with customizable reports and dashboards.
GUI-Based IVR Studio

Develop complex IVR self-service applications that integrate with various CRM systems.

Why ConnectCarePro?
  • Flexible and Resilient Solution Architecture
  • Real-Time Reporting with Dashboards & Wallboards
  • Reliable Call Recording and Quality Monitoring
  • Streamlined Administration
  • Unlock Insights with Reporter